Hello! Welcome to another Othermill project tutorial! I'm Sam DeRose, an intern here at Other Machine Co.

This project is a spin-off from my PCB Hummingbird Necklace. This time, I made it with the battery and switch built in so the necklace could be used as a pin. Now you can show off your glowing designs in many more places!

Step 1: Tools, Materials, and Files

These pins are made from double-sided FR-1 circuit board blanks. The front is etched with the design and the back is etched with the traces for the electronics. All of the versions have a switch except the dragonfly—there was no room! To turn it on and off, you have to remove the battery.

This project assumes you have solid working knowledge of soldering and reading circuit board files to place components correctly.


  • Othermill
  • Computer with Otherplan installed
  • Flat end mills: 1/32", 1/64", and 1/16"
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Hotplate or toaster oven (optional) for reflow soldering
  • Scotch-Brite pad


  • PCB blank, double-sided, FR-1
  • Tape, double-sided
  • Solder paste (optional) for reflow soldering
  • Magnet, tiny but strong


  • LEDs, surface-mount (4) your favorite color
  • Resistors, surface-mount, 40–50 ohm (4)
  • Battery holder, surface-mount, CR1025
  • battery, 3-volt, coin cell, CR1025
  • On/off switch, surface-mount, small


Choose at least one of the following, all of which are in the .zip file attached to this step.

  • Hummingbird_Pin.brd
  • Butterfly_Pin.brd
  • Dragonfly_Pin.brd
Dang, now I have to buy an Othermill.
<p>Very good.But Othermill is so expensive!!!!</p><p>Isn't that???!!!</p>
<p>Very cool!</p><p>I especially like the dragonfly. </p>

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