It is almost Halloween, and it is time to send a spooky greeting to all your witch, vampire, ghost, goblin and ghoul friends! This instructable will show you step by step how to make an awesome pop-up 3D Halloween Card. You can make this pop-up card either with or without the ability to light-up when you open the card.

  • Inkjet or color printer (Required)
  • Card Stock Paper (Regular paper will work, but not as well)
  • 2 sheet of 11 in X 14 in poster board or heavy weight paper (In mine, I used a red and black sheet.)
  • LED Light (for light up cards)
  • Thin copper sheet or other conductive metal sheet (for light up cards)
  • One 3 volt watch battery (for light up cards)
  • Glue
  • Transparent tape (optional but recommended)
  • Exacto knife
  • scissors
  • duct tape or electrical tape

Step 1: The Card Cover

The first step is to print onto card stock paper using your inkjet printer the Images which include the following pages. Make sure you do not re-size the images.

  • Cover Page - You can make your own cover to the card if you desire.
  • Inside Page- This is the 'ground' for your haunted house.
  • Haunted House
  • Interior of Haunted house (This is optional. Print if you want to be able to peek inside your haunted house. Recommended if doing light up card)
  • Extras- Includes a sexy bathing witch to see when peek into window, bushes and other extras. This page is optional.

Next, simply cut out the pieces of your printed image. Cut along the outside lines of the haunted house interior and exterior, the bushes, and your witch. Cut out the slotted black lines on the interior page.

I love that to house pops up and that there is something inside too!
Thank you so much! :D I love pop-up books... I find they are almost magical... so thought be fun to make a pop-up card.

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