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I am back with many modifications from my previous LED Sneakers project. I basically completely scrapped it. I found that NeoPixels were much easier to use than regular RGB LED strips and offered a lot of possibilities with its individually addressable LEDs.

This project is based off of Clayton Richter's super awesome Luminous Lowtops project. This Instructable was just my approach. Check out his work! On his page he as excellent modifications to the project I'm sure that many of you will be interested in.

Step 1: Materials

  • 2 x Teensy 2.0 microcontrollers - https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy.html (~$32)
  • Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip - http://www.adafruit.com/products/1376 ($16.95 for 30 LEDs/m, $24.95 for 60 LEDs/m)
  • 4 x Flexiforce pressure sensors (100lbs) http://www.adafruit.com/products/1376 (~$40)
  • 2 x 4xAA alkaline battery packs OR 2 x 3xAAA Rechargeable NiZn battery packs
  • 4 x 1N4001 diodes - http://www.adafruit.com/products/1376 Necessary ONLY if you're going with the 4xAA alkaline battery packs. If you're using the rechargeables, you don't need this. (~$1.49 at Radioshackl)
  • 2 x shoes with thick soles
  • 2 x 1000uF capacitors
  • 4 x 1 Megaohm resistors
  • 2 x 10K resistors
  • Gorilla glue or other adhesive that will work with the waterproof casing and the sole of your shoes (~$4 at Target)
  • Soldering iron + solder
  • Basic sewing kit (needles, thread, thimble, scissors)
  • Electrical tape
<p>Cool my tech class might make it</p>
<p>Really cool</p>
<p>You should give credit where credit is due.</p><p>http://www.claytonritcher.com/luminous_lowtops/Lowtops.html</p>
you're right! I did mention him briefly in the instructions but I neglected to credit him in the introduction. thank you
<p>Great project! I was planning to make these but the price on the pressure sensors is a little much. You say about 40 dollars, that's per shoe right? If not where could I find 4 for 40 dollars?</p>
<p>would that be 1000 micro farad or 1000 mili farad?</p>
Micro. Sorry for the confusion! I'll clarify that now in the post.
<p>thanks :-) 1000 mili Farad would have been a pretty big value :-)</p>
<p>I LOVE IT. Looks swag</p>
<p>It's so awesome seeing your project getting so much love! :) This is Erica btw!</p>
Omg hey Erica! Thanks. Yours too!! :^) I was pretty surprised at the good responses I've been getting so far haha.
<p>Everyone needs a good pair of party shoes! I like these a lot! I think that I might do something like this in the future! </p>
Cool! Thanks. I hope this helps!
<p>THis will help give me light when im walking from train station to home. Street lamps are broken, and all the ppl living here litereally need head torch to see clearly. Good Project. But can you fast walk without the LED coming off?</p>
Yes, you absolutely can! As long as you have a strong adhesive like Gorilla glue it should be fine.

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