Light Up Sign!


Introduction: Light Up Sign!

Make a light up sign!

Step 1: Day 1

Gather your materials:

Poster Board



Exacto Knife


Hot Glue Gun


Spray Paint

Step 2: Day 2

Cut the letters of your choosing out of the foamcore using an exacto knife

* they can be any size you want

Step 3: Day 3

Cut strips out of the poster board. The width of the strips will change depending on the size of your letters.

*my letters were about 8 inches and the strips were about two inches

Step 4: Day 4

Cut holes into each letter, the holes should be big enough to fit the lights.

Step 5: Day 5

Take the strips and wrap them around the edges of each letter.

Step 6: Day 6

Spray paint all the letters!

Step 7: Day 7

Take the string lights and unscrew the bulbs so that the wire and bulbs are separate. Take each bulb and insert it into the hole you cut into the letters, then screw the bulb and wire back together. Plug it in and enjoy!



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    Thanks for sharing! Do you have any more pictures showing how you made it?