Here's an innovative way to add some bling to your bookbinding, by incorporating circuitry with more traditional techniques! This book structure, constructed with watercolor paper and a glowing spine, provides a unique canvas for acrylic inks and Zentangle drawings.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


    • 1 piece of sturdy watercolor paper, cut to 5" high X 18" wide, grained short (I used 140 lb. cold press paper)
    • 2 pieces of sturdy watercolor paper, cut 5" high X 9 7/8" wide, grained short
    • 16 pieces of text-weight paper, cut 5" high X 9 3/4" wide, grained short
    • 1 piece of thin (less than a 1/4" thick) wood, cut 5" high X 1"wide
    • 2 pieces of sturdy decorative paper, cut 5" high X 1" wide
    • 1 piece of sturdy decorative paper cut 5" high X 7/8" wide

      Useful Tools

      • Dremel or hand drill with small bit
      • awl
      • self-healing mat
      • pen knife (or paper cutter)
      • cork-backed metal ruler
      • bone folder
      • straight binder's needle with a narrow head
      • acrylic inks, pens, or an artistic medium of your choice
      • clear nail polish
      • sandpaper (optional)
      • wood finish (optional)
      <p>Very nice tutorial! I like the LEDs in the spine. Great idea!</p>

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