Introduction: Light Up Your Life (and Have Accessable Power).

Picture of Light Up Your Life (and Have Accessable Power).

I came up with this solution for a common problem: our house doesn't have enough outlets in any of the rooms so we were always using extension cords, multi outlets, electrical boxes, etc. In addition, the art table, hobby/craft work stations always needs lights. So I decided to solve both issues with a portable, solid, and easy to use light/multi-outlet stand. Basically, it's a wood upright secured to a round plywood base. A plastic flower pot has the bottom cut off, turned upside down, attached to the base and concrete is added to insure stability. Let's proceed.

Step 1: Find a Few Items:

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We need a plastic flower pot, preferably one with some decorations on it, a piece of plywood, 1/2 to 3/8 inch will be fine, a two by two or a one by two a few screws and some concrete mix later on.

Step 2: Some Tools

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Main tool is a band saw, although a scroll saw would work too. Various hand tools, electric drill(s), ruler, center finder, sharp knife, etc.

Step 3: Cut Two X Two to the Length You Want and Make Wood Base

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I cut my 2x2 to 36 inches which will be a good height next to a desk or work station. Of course this could be varied to suit your needs. The plywood is cut to make the round base. My vase was about 8 inches in diameter, and I used it as a template to draw the circle. This is then cut out on the band saw.

Step 4: Drill Holes in 2x2, and the Base

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In one end of the 2x2, I drilled a starter hole using a 1/8 in bit. In the opposite end, a 1/2 in. bit is used to make the hole for the lamp flange that fits into the hole. Using the same 1/8 in bit, the round base is drilled in dead center. The center is found by using the center finder and marking accordingly. A nail is used to make a starter hole for the bits before drilling.

Step 5: Screw Base to Upright

Picture of Screw Base to Upright

Step 6: Prepare Plastic Flower Pot by Sanding Off End of Pot

Picture of Prepare Plastic Flower Pot by Sanding Off End of Pot

I took the flower pot over to the 1 inch belt sander and sanded around the perimeter until I could see that I had gone all the way through. A knife is used, then, to cut through the plastic where possible. It is finished off by more sanding where necessary, then the bottom can be removed from the pot.

Step 7: Next, Attach Flower Pot to Round Base With Small Screws

Picture of Next, Attach Flower Pot to Round Base With Small Screws

Two holes on opposite sides of the flower pot are drilled so that screws can be used to attach pot to base. One half inch sheet metal screws are used, but any short screws will suffice. Slant the drill bit when pre-drilling these starter holes so that the screws won't go through the bottom of the base. When the pot is secured, we can move on to the next step, adding concrete.

Step 8: Proceed to Fill Flower Pot Vase With Concrete Mix

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Now that the pot is secured to the base, the concrete mix can be mixed and poured. I used the mix shown and for this project, about 7 14.5 ounce cans of dry mix are needed. To this mix in the tub I added about two cups of clean water. I want a fairly fluid mix, one that will be easy to place in the small opening of the flower pot. Obviously, these measurements might vary for your set up depending on size of the pot, the humidity, and other variables.

Step 9: Let Concrete Set Up

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Let concrete set for 24 to 48 hrs. I want to let it dry thoroughly so the moisture won't interfere with the paint used.

Step 10: Attach Multi Outlet to Upright

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Mark where holes will be drilled; this multi-outlet has holes 4.5 inches apart, on center. Drill holes for screws to hold outlet on the upright. Cable ties can also be used and seems to work just as well.

Step 11: Paint the Lamp/ Power Outlet Stands

Picture of Paint the Lamp/ Power Outlet Stands

I cleaned up the base and upright to make sure paint would adhere. Using common acrylic paint, two coats were used to provide adequate coverage.

Step 12: Glue a Piece of Felt on the Bottom of Base

Picture of Glue a Piece of Felt on the Bottom of Base

To protect hardwood floors and other susceptible finishes, a piece of felt is glued onto the bottom of the base. At this stage, the project is complete!


ranker777 (author)2015-03-20

can u please tell me how to make the light over the stand........i couldnt find it anywhere the lamp for which u have made the stand

john12692 (author)ranker7772015-03-20

check IKEA they have this style of lamp for under $10 I think

ranker777 (author)john126922015-03-27

hey!!! yeah i checked for IKEA but it asked for selecting the country and it had no option of india

so i just couldnt do it

but yaa i will sure try for it

thanku so much for ur advise

Creativeman (author)ranker7772015-03-21

Easy to find online: google swing arm lamp; garage sales; thrift shops...not as popular as they once were, harder to find but they are out there!

ranker777 (author)Creativeman2015-03-27

hey!!!! thank u so much i found it finally...............

iiianydayiii (author)2015-03-22

Excellent idea! The first thought I had while looking at this was to mount it to an old computer chair base to make it mobile.

Tinkering_Pirate (author)2015-03-20

Thank you so much for this idea! I have a couple of these folding lamps that are missing the bases. This will be a great way to use them!

You are welcome! These types of lights were cheaply produced, and didn't last all that long in use...but you can get replacement switches and find springs at hardware outlets. The base? Long ago, I just drilled a one half inch hole in a piece of wood and mounted it to the table top with a C clamp.

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