In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make a decorative lighter, which can make a great gift for someone (smoker or non-smoker). I once saw someone who had one, and it inspired me to find my own way of decorating lighters. After much trial-and-error, I’ve found the best way to go about decorating a lighter, and now I’m sharing what I’ve discovered with you.

Anyone with a few supplies and a little creativity can accomplish this task. However, children should not play with lighters.

Time required
The decoration will take about 30 minutes, but you must wait at least 8 hours after beginning the semi-gloss painting process to use your lighter, as the semi-gloss will be wet (and flammable!).

--Children should not play with lighters.
--The semi-gloss used in the last two steps (steps 6 and 7) is flammable, so do not light your lighter until the semi-gloss is completely dry (at least 8 hours after you begin the semi-gloss painting process).

Step 1: Assemble Tools

First, assemble your tools on a flat surface.

You will need:
--1 standard-size Bic lighter (1'' high x 3'' wide)
--A writing utensil
--Small paintbrush
--Glue stick
--A few sheets of newspaper
--Magazines and/or colored paper and/or whatever images you want on your lighter
--A bottle of clear/translucent semi-gloss*

*Note: Semi-gloss is available most craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby. It is usually located in the model airplane/car aisle, but you may have to get a salesperson to open up a locked cabinet to get it for you. If you are under the age of 18, have a parent or guardian go with you, as people under 18 may not be allowed to purchase potentially flammable liquids at some stores.

Had a blast!!
<p>Would Modge Podge work instead of Semigloss? I keep talking to art teachers/artists and they look at me funny when I say Semi-gloss and suggest modge podge.</p>
I think it would work fine!
<p>Thank you for this Mod, i like it. I inspires me to make my lighter to look more cool.I only exchange the gloss with extralarge scotchtape</p>
cam i use the semi gloss that girls use for there nails? ps. they look great ;)

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