Have you ever been night skiing?  The one thing missing from night skiing.... fun lights!  That is why I decided to wrap an old set of ski poles with blue mini LED lights.  It looks great against the snow and makes it very easy for your buddy to find you on the slopes.

This is a very easy DIY project involving two sets of mini LED lights ($7 each), 6 double AA batteries, some zip-ties, and packing tape.

The lights are very bright and will run for 48-hours non-stop on a set of batteries.  I used Duracell rechargeables.

Enjoy and happy skiing!

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

2 packages of mini LED lights, blue.  I bought mine from Amazon, RTGS for $5.75 per package (price now is $6.25).  Each package contains a string of 20 lights spread over a length of 7 feet.  These particular lights do not blink.  Click here for the Amazon link.

You'll need a few nylon zip ties (clear).  Home Depot for a few $.  I bought a 20 pack of Commerical Electric brand, 7-inch long Precision Lock Cable Ties. 

Clear Scotch-brand shipping packaging tape (heavy duty).  Do not skimp on the quality of your packing tape.  This is the key part to keeping the lights attached to your pole.

Pair of pliers or scissors - something to cut the zip ties.
Drill with a 3/16" drill bit. 
Could you use this on your helmet and what does DIY mean?
<p>You could use it on your helmet if you find a place to put the battery pack that powers the LED lights. DIY means do it yourself.</p>
i really like this idea. Nice job.
Love it! Thank you for posting your instructable. I'm no longer a skier but spend my time experimenting with DIY projects :) <br> <br>About how long does your battery pack power the leds if you leave it switched on?
The packaging said it would last 48-hours, but I have not tested that. It definately ran 5-6 hours without showing any signs of stopping when I used them on the slopes. Being mini-LEDs, I believe the packaging claims because they don't draw much power.

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