Instructables and Cordarounds are happy to announce the winners of the Light Up the Night! Contest!

We asked you to make an Instructable in order to make the long nights a little safer and the results were pretty awesome. Clothes, umbrellas, bikes, and many more objects were made a little more brilliant. There's no object that a few lights can't improve, right?

We'd like to thank everyone who entered. There were many fun and cool Instructables and we encourage everyone to check out not just the winners, but the other entries as well. There's a lot to check out.

Also thanks to the judges who helped out: Lextone, Romado12187, unklstuart, =SMART=, onebrokenneck, craineum, jerjod, ModMischief, noelportugal, and lncrxtc.

Last, but not least, we'd also like to thank our partner, Cordarounds, for putting up some sweet prizes.

And now, on with the winners!