Light Up the Night! Contest Winners

Instructables and Cordarounds are happy to announce the winners of the Light Up the Night! Contest!

We asked you to make an Instructable in order to make the long nights a little safer and the results were pretty awesome. Clothes, umbrellas, bikes, and many more objects were made a little more brilliant. There's no object that a few lights can't improve, right?

We'd like to thank everyone who entered. There were many fun and cool Instructables and we encourage everyone to check out not just the winners, but the other entries as well. There's a lot to check out.

Also thanks to the judges who helped out: Lextone, Romado12187, unklstuart, =SMART=, onebrokenneck, craineum, jerjod, ModMischief, noelportugal, and lncrxtc.

Last, but not least, we'd also like to thank our partner, Cordarounds, for putting up some sweet prizes.

And now, on with the winners!
Bar End Brake Light: BEBL style
Overview Group riding would be much safer if bikes had brake lights.  The lack of brake lighting on bicycles has lead to the audio cues of "SLOWING" or "STOPPING" being shouted at every turn.  W...
umbrella light style
Ever been walking home on a dark rainy night only to have a car or cyclist almost run into you?*wooosh!* Pesky cyclists. How did he not see me there?!An intersection later...*vrrrooooomm!*Pesky motori...
Multi-function Walking Stick III -  Torch Bearer style
Add a torch to the top of a Hiking Staff to illuminate your way.The VIDEO shows the torch in action.This is Part 3 in the Multi-Function Walking Stick Instructable series.The Original Multi-Function W...
Flashing LED Top Tube Pad for your bike style
Well it's that time of year again. That's right, the sun is going down early, and it's getting hard to avoid logging some miles on your bike after dark. You likely have great lights front and rear alr...
flexible LED eTextile ribbon array style
Yet another method to create eTextiles and wearable computers: an easy sew flexible ribbon array for LEDs.
Bullnose LED Bike Light and Dynamo USB Charger style
 This bike has a dynamo front hub that is wired to LED lights.  In addition there is a power output via a female USB plug.  You can charge your phone, ipod, GPS or any USB powered device.   In this d...
Build this microcontroller controlled rainbow flying disc - and then throw it! style
Hello all and welcome to this super simple and inexpensive instructable.If you like throwing frisbees AND you like flashing lights AND you like night time - then this instructable is for you!Have you ...
How to build a Light Up Camera Level for a DSLR style
Have you ever shot in low light conditions and noticed your shots were off level? Well I certainly have!  I have been doing a lot of work lately with long exposure photography and when I am out in the...
Bright Rechargable Headlight for Your Bike! style
 Bike headlights generally fall into one of two classes. To see, or to be seen. My mountianbike group cares a lot more about seeing since we tend to ride in places where hazards like cars do not and c...
LED Flasher Pack style
This is an LED decade flasher circuit.The circuit cycles through ten stages. It runs off 9V batteries and is enclosed in clear plastic to make it water resistant and make it fresh looking.It can be at...
Custom-fit Reflective Cellphone/MP3 Armband with Money Pouch style
This instructable is especially for those fitness-fanatics who like to get up before the crack of dawn, or after dark to go for a work-out. Not only are you more eye-catching to drivers, but you can t...
Sleek LED Helmet style
What could be cooler then  LEDs, Bicycles and Safety?  Just when it is combined together in a cool looking project!The Idea is to take a basic cheap bike helmet and make it interesting and safer.  I d...
The Electric lily or The Safety Pin: How to be safe and look good doing it style
This instructable is for walkers and bikers alike. Whoever wants to be seen at night and still look good. Give it to your girlfriend, your sis, your bro, homeboy or even your mom. Any one who is styli...
Signal gloves style
You're stuck in the city.It's cold.  It's foggy.  The drivers are crazy.And you're on your bicycle.I don't like to stand out unless I need to.But sometimes you simply need to be seen.Since I don't hav...