Light a Match One-handed From a Matchbook





Introduction: Light a Match One-handed From a Matchbook

Who needs to bother tearing a match out of the book and lighting it with two hands when all you need is one. This instructable will show you how to light the match using just one hand, taking just about the same amount of time.

Step 1: Preparation

All you need is a matchbook and a capable hand.

Step 2: Open Matchbook

Step 3: Bend One Match Down Past the Bottom of the Matchbook

Step 4: Bend Match Again Over the Striking Surface and Place Thumb Over Match Head

Step 5: Flick Thumb Forward Across Striking Surface

This will light the match.

Step 6: Conclusion

Congratulations your match is now lit.



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     Of course, you run the risk of lighting ALL of the matches at once and severely burning your hand.

    Maybe, but not if you're doing it right. It's how my dad lit all his cigarettes (back before we convinced him to quit, finally).

    Ahh this is also a line from Taxi Driver with DeNiro cool instructable!

    now, the question is where can you actually get a matchbook these days?

    Canadian military IMP's (individual meals, prepared)contain a book of matches in every meal

    How is that matchbook prepared? Hard-boiled? Roasted? Grilled? Or maybe sauted with a little garlic and some onions? But seriously, what use is are the matches with the meal. I don't mean to sound insulting, I'm genuinely curious.

    there actally used to light the stoves the meals are cooked on. everything is in foil packages, pre-cooked. it just has to be boiled.

    Ah, of course. I heard "pre-cooked" and it didn't even occur to me that you'd need to heat them. I assume it'd be the same in most Military branches in many countries.

    in cadets the odd times that we do get them and not mre's we heat them, but i have eaten them cold before.