This semester at college, I am in a class called Computing and Craft which is about incorporating circuitry and micro-controllers and craft to bring our projects to the next level.
For our first big project, I decided to make a raincoat the reacted to light and water.  Being from California and going to school in Massachusetts has been a big transition and the sudden downpours can catch you unaware.  This raincoat has built in light and water sensors so when it gets dark the raincoat lights up so the wearer will be visible in the dark, and when it gets wet, a warning beep sounds so the wearer can head for cover.

Step 1: Raincoat

For the coat itself, I used a very cheap plastic one that my professor had around.  I reinforced all the seams on the sewing machine because they had all just been melted together and were coming apart.  The coat also had pockets which was convenient for storing the arduino.
can i do the same using PIC microcontroller<br>If so i need ur help
WOW, how is it that I haven't seen this until now? This is amazing, so functional and stylish! I've got an old trenchcoat that I should try this out on.<br><br>Do you know if this could work with umbrellas?
Ooo, another wearable etextile project. Private message<a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Lynne+Bruning/"> Lynne Bruning</a> on your project so that you can show it in one of her Maker Faire etextile shows. She is always looking for cool stuff. I got to show off my light-up hoodie and gloves last year in the NYC Maker Faire.
Oh that would be sweet! It's probably going to a Maker Faire in Massachusetts and possibly the California Maker Faire as well, since I will be at both of them :)
Thanks Catlinsdad! You are the BEST!<br> <br> Danger - information for the Bay Area Showcase is listed on my <a href="http://bit.ly/dFWGse">website</a>.<br> Please please - bring your coat!&nbsp;<br>
If this project were to make it to the NYC Maker Faire, it might make some people less upset at rain that may fall during the event. &quot;Danger is my Middle Name&quot; could suit up and run out in the rain to put on a good show.<br>
Yes! I'd love to see a video of this. It sounds really cool!

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