Light, compact survival kit from household materials

Picture of Light, compact survival kit from household materials
This instructable will show how to create a simple, light weight survival kit. It only includes the items that are absolutely needed, and is minimalistic.
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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. duct tape
2. small led flashlight(mine came with laser pointer)
3. small plastic or metal container(i used ice breakers container)
4. white plastic trash bag
5. strike on anywhere matches
6. nine volt battery
7. steel wool
8. iodine tablets(to purify water)
9. fishing line
10. paper clip, or fishing hook.
11. section of band saw blade, or other saw

Step 2: Prepare the materials for inside the container

Picture of Prepare the materials for inside the container
Fold the trash bag as tightly as possible, and wrap in duct tape to keep from un-folding. put the steel wool in a small peice of seran wrap or a small plastic bag. Then take the 9v and wrap the fishing line around it and secure with duct tape.

Step 3: Prepare knife/saw blade and sheath

Picture of Prepare knife/saw blade and sheath

For the saw blade, I used a section of an old band saw blade, but there are many different ways of doing the same thing. After you have a length of the saw blade, you can sharpen the back side of the saw to create a knife edge. You can also sharpenth tiop slightly to create a screwdriver head. For the handle, duct taped the led light onto the end of the saw blade. Make sure you have it facing away from the blade, so the light is more effective. Also make sure the blade is facing towards the handle so when you pull it towards yourself on wood, it wood be cutting effectively.

To make a sheath for your blade, simply fold a peice of paper around it and then duct tape it so that it stays put.
cmcgann3 years ago
Thats cool. Maybe you could make it more compact. But it looks like it could come in handy in an emergency.

You could make it more compact if you used a wire saw.