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hi friends this is my first instructable this circuit is very easy the led on in the dark

Step 1: Step 1 PART

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hi friends this is my first instructable led on in the dark


2n3904 transistor

10k resistor


White led


Soldering iron

Step 2: Step 2 the Circuit

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Step 3: Step 3 Testing

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put your finger on LDR and see the led is on put away your finger from LDR and see led is of

You face any kind of problem plz coment i am solve your problem thank you


scrubbie2016 (author)2016-09-17

Love this project! Clearly written and very inviting for my project for which I will appreciate you providing me some extra/adapted info:

Can you also create schema with the S8050 D331 NPN transistor and 5Vdc power? And what type of LED bead did you use here and mus I use another one, by using 5Vdc (700mA) power?

FurquanF (author)scrubbie20162016-09-17

Use this transistor bc547 bc598 bc599 2n2222 bc107

scrubbie2016 (author)FurquanF2016-09-18

Thank You for your reply!
Shame that 5V does not work this way ...
Do I read this correctly, that You mean that thebc547 bc598 bc599 2n2222 bc107 are alternatives for the 2n3904 transistor or can I use them for a extra low voltage application to try out?

FurquanF (author)scrubbie20162016-09-19

I don't no

FurquanF (author)scrubbie20162016-09-17

Hi i use 3v button led circuit did not properly work whith 5v dc and you can't use s8050 d331

scrubbie2016 (author)FurquanF2016-09-18

Thank You for feedback. You answered also on 08:21, so I have put my response on that .....

neons8 (author)2016-09-18

thank you

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-09-17

This project would make a great introductory lesson into circuits.

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