Picture of Light organ
Here is how to build a light organ, an electronic device which automatically converts an audio signal (such as music) into rhythmic light effects
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. LED lights 
2. Transistor BD233 (or similar one) 
3. 12V adapter (or battery)
4. Cable from headphones
5. Electric wires 
6. Acrylic glass 
7. Sand paper

Step 2: Making the box

Picture of Making the box
Take the acrylic glass and draw the shapes that you will need for the box. 
I had four 15x5 cm and two 5x5 cm
Then cut them out

Step 3: Making the box

Picture of Making the box
Take one 15x5 piece and drill two holes for wires. 

Step 4: Sand

Picture of Sand
Sand a little bit the details of the box and the LED lights, to have better light effect

Step 5: Gluex

Picture of Gluex
Glue together all the box details, except from the top part. 

Step 6: Light organ

Picture of Light organ
cvetomuzika_12 - Copy copy.jpg
The headphones wire will have three wires. You will only need two. The general and left or right.
Connect everything according to the diagram. Before doing that pull the headphones wire thought the hole in the box.

Step 7: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
Glue down all of the wires and the top part of the box.
Your home light organ is ready

Step 8: Light organ

Picture of Light organ
Now plug it into your computer or ipod, turn on the music and enjoy.