Hey guys this is my first instructable,in wich i'll teach you how to make a light seeking robot.This is a project i've made ,because i like robotics, and i'm starting with it, so it's a simple way to build a robot.I've made it with very cheap materials, but if you want you can make it better ,i'm planning to make a radiocontrolled one , but i dont know anything about it .
Let's get started !!!....

Step 1: Part List and Materials

For this instructable you'll need :

2 Plastic circles , i used  circles but you can use any shape 

3 big screws and bolts 

Hot glue  and hot glue gun

Cables (1,5 meters aprox.)

2 Dvd 5.9 Volts Motors

2 TIP120 Transistor

2 1k Resistors 

2 1N4001 Diodes

2 LDRs

1 breadboard (optional , i didn't use it ,but it make a more structured project)

2 Wheels ( i got them from an old toy )

1 Switch 

To power up this project i'll be using a 9 volt battery , but you can also use a A23 12 volt battery or any other similar power source ,you'll also need sodering tools such a sodering iron stanium , helping hands ,etc.


Step 2: Circuit and Internal Structure

This is the diagram of the circuit i used . be carefull off the polarity of the motors and the position of the LDRs , because that defines the moves that the robot does .Before you proced to the next step , make sure that the motors spin in a correct way .There are no sodering instructions less than these , so you are free to make it in your way!!

Step 3: Creating the Body

To make the body i used 2 old plastic circles , and i attached it with screws and bolts as  it's show down there , but you can make the body you want , you could also use and od tupper .

Step 4: Glue It Up

So now we are at the fun step , i glued  the circuit to the body with the hot glue gun , i also added the wheels to the motors using  it .I glued the LDRs to the top circle of the body , as it's showed in the image below .After you glued everything you'll have to put on the bolts to close the body of the robot ....

Step 5: Finish !!!!

Now you are done !!! You've made a light seeking robot !!!!

I leave more images to show you more of my robot ,stay hungry stay  foolish .... 
<p>Cool!</p><p>If I get another motor I'll give it a try. :D</p><p>Here is some schematic with the SPDT Switch.</p>
can i use any other npn transistor? <br>
yes you can use another npn transistor do the math for the other two resistor
please reply fast
in the first photo whatare the blue ones (near ldr)
I have some couple TIP30C . would they work?<br>
Hello? Anyone? <br> <br>
Sorry i didn;t logged in for a while .. The answer is no the TIP30C is a PNP transistor , you have to use an NPN transistor like the TIP 120 ,TIP121 or the TIP122 .Hope this information was usefull for you ,here i leve you the datasheets of the TIP30C and TIP120 : <br>http://audiolabga.com/pdf/TIP30C.pdf <br>http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/TI/TIP120.pdf
may i have the circuit diagram ? <br>i can't understand you circuit diagram.
I was also asking if i could get the schematic diagram of this robot with SPDT switch and on/off switch please thanks!
hi ajinkyadixit the SPDT switch it's drawn on the schematic, i''l tag it for you ;)
thanx a lot 159753......for da tag
this ckt is betr n easy dan mine..<br>i ll try it... bt TIP120 is easily available at here??? or suggest smthing els option<br>like npn or pnp.. :)
your welcome ! please vot this instrctable in the shopbot, make it glow and science fair contests ;)
hi 159753, mine didn&acute;t work becouse the LDRs were not sensible enaugh.<br>where did you buy yours?
hi guy.....these is very nice robot <br>but u have not shown the use of SPDT switch in the schematic.....pls give it<br>

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