Light Stick Wars





Introduction: Light Stick Wars

Fighting with lightsticks what could be simpler.

Step 1: Shopping

Get some lightsticks about 10 would be good, more is better :)

Meat, salad, rice drinks and a barbecue

Step 2: The Waiting Game

Get some friends round start the barbecue and have a few drinks and wait till sundown.

Let the fun begin!

Step 3: Set Up

Split the garden up like that shown in the diagram put random objects around the place to be used as cover from flying lightsticks.

Step 4: Rules of the Game

Each have their own bases the other team is not allowed to enter the other team's base.

No-mans land is accessible but there cannot be any cover inside.

Each team starts with half the total glowsticks.

Teams start in their own base.

One hit and you're out of the game.

Last man standing is winner.

Think of suitable prize for winner.

Step 5: Variations

Possible variations on the gametype lightstick manhunt
lightstick tag
lightstick stuck in the mud and many more.



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    If you want to save an activated glow stick, put it in the freezer, they last almost indefinitely once frozen.

    once the glow sticks are done throw them in a fire, they burst into flames after the plastic melts and the liquid dumps

    7 replies

    That is DEFINATLY not a good idea. the liquid is VERY poisonous.

    That is true, but if your in a large open area (outside) the toxins are dispersed into the air. Just don't stand in the smoke

    Also true, but the toxins are still poisonous, even at low levels. The plastic that is burning also has a level poison in it and that, combined with the liquid (if you know what the liquid is called, tell me) is enough to get you sick at most. Another thing that occured to me is that when the liquid boils, it becomes vapor (I don't know what temperature that is) and will be dispersed through more than just the smoke, it's also in the air as you breathe it. It also has long term effects.

    anthracene, its a hydrocarbon. its boiling point is about 300 degrees Celsius id also assume that most of the fumes would be burned off in the fire

    Fumes don't nessesarly burn...However, it would become a vapor...But that doesn't really burn either...But yes, MOST of the fumes would not, by theory, be gone, just be in a more dispersed steam, for instance. Am I getting confusing???

    Also, i should do a study or something

    The largest light stick war that had to have ever taken place was in Saudi Arabia after Desert Storm came to a close. We (the Marines) coalesced back to the division camp and a few nights were spent with what seemed thousands of marines throwing 15" long cyalumes back and forth in the desert night. It was a great relief of stress and an AMAZING sight to be hold. Even a mile away, it looked like multi-colored lasers and tracers going back and forth. Great fun to be had unless you get clocked.

    5 replies

    wait... ur a marine?

    Yes, I was from 1988-94.

    got pictures? that sound so cool!

    It would be good to have actual pictures of a game? Maybe video?

    1 reply

    sorry last time I played I didn't take pictures but next time we play ill take some.