I was looking around on the Instructables website for interesting things you could do with papercrafts- Minecraft ones, specifically. Oddly enough, I didn't really see any, although it wouldn't be vey difficult to, say, make a glowstone block light up.Therefore, I made this simple little project that is great if you like making models and papercraft objects. Doesn't take very long either!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:

- AA Battery holder
- Yellow Poster Board
- A white LED
- A switch or button
-Texture of a Redstone Lamp block (I got mine from http://minecraftpapercraft.com/papercraft/508b082e9689c9394c000003/redstone-lamp-on-faithful-32x) on a piece of printer paper
- AA Batteries (not shown)
-Clear tape
-Electrical tape

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