Light-up Trick-or-Treat Bucket

Trick-or-Treating is a super-fun sugar-filled activity, but it can be pretty dangerous for kids and adults canvasing poorly lit streets, going up and down dimly lit stairs and in general not being able to see (or be seen) very well.

Flashlights help, but they are so directional and the bright spot of the beam tends to ruin your night vision so that the surrounding areas appear even darker after the light disappears.

So here's the solution: a Trick-or-Treat bucket with LED lighting!

The bucket provides uniform light that is easy on the eyes. The LEDs provide sufficient light to see all around the bucket, which means that you can see in front of you where you are walking, and the person following you can even see where they're going too!

The perimeter location of the LEDs also lights up the bucket itself so its very visible, making sure that others see you too.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

A trick-or-treat bucket. The bucket must have a lip that curves outward so the LEDs can be hidden underneath it.

LED light string. I used a 10 LED set from the Dollar Tree. The Christmas decorations were out and a white light LED set was available. I also found some Halloween light strings with decorations that could be pulled off to expose white LEDs.

2 AA batteries

Velcro self-adhesive 'dots'

Orange tape (I used orange electrical tape)

Hot Glue Gun and glue

Aluminum foil

Double-stick tape (not shown)

Duct tape (not shown) - optional

<p>This is adorable! And great for Trick or Treating after dark! Thanks for posting this!</p>

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