Light Up Flute


Introduction: Light Up Flute

This is a light up flute prop I made from a dollar store flute and a LED flashlight, also from the dollar store.

Step 1:

Here are the two components side by side. I bought a blue plastic flute and matched it to a blue light up mini flashlight. I bought both at the dollar store.

Step 2:

I then used a moto-tool to cut a slot on the under side of the flute to fit the LED flashlight. I then slid the flashlight in, switch upwards. Once it was in place. I used a drop of superglue on either side to hold it in place.

Step 3:

And that is all there is to it. To turn it on or off, slide the switch on the bottom of the flute on or off. This is, however, just a prop. Not due to the fact that there is an extra hole in the flute but due to the fact that none of the flutes I have bought were actually playable AS flutes. Also, the flutes come in several different colors as well as the mini flashlights. Just be sure to match the colors for the brightest glow. Also, I know, with the flashlight glued into place it is now impossible to change the batteries on the flashlight, but the mini-flashlights I used(Called Rave Lights)were considered to be disposable when their batteries died in the first place.



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    That's not a flute, that is a recorder. Big difference.

    super clever! so fun to play day or night!