As part of a Burning Man camp, the participants wanted some awesome matching backpack covers of dead squirrels with lit up eyes.  Don't ask why they wanted this; merely be awed by the implementation.  We even went them one better by adding EL wire tire tracks on the back!  This instructable only shows how to make the patches, which is the interesting part.  You can put a patch of this kind onto just about anything, doesn't have to be a backpack.

Because of Reasons, I didn't get a picture of the finished pack until much later when the squirrels returned, and it is Low Quality, but you can get the sense of it at least.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

The main body of the patch is made out of a soft fleece, but felt would also work well.  The pieces needed are a squirrel shape, a tongue shape, two X shapes for the eyes, and a large oval in the shape of the backpack or other object you'll be placing the patch on.  Additionally, I used the following materials and parts:
  • one felt battery cover (URL)
  • small amount of velcro
  • conductive thread
  • two LEDs (I used through-hole but SMDs would work if you solder a bead to the leads, to sew through (URL))
  • a pair of magnetic purse closure snaps
  • EL wire (not shown in the pic)
Tools needed were:
  • scissors
  • hand needle
  • round nose pliers (the kind where each prong is round)
  • needle nose pliers (the kind where both prongs together, when closed, are round)
  • pins
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing machine

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