This is a short sock that is comfortable and light.  The techniques used to construct this sock include knitting in the round on double point needles, short rows, and the Kitchener stitch.  

I cannot include any information about the gauge of my knitting because I am one of those knitters that just jumps into a project head first and worry about the size about half way through.  I know this can be infuriating for more methodical knitters, but I knit for the enjoyment of the process.  The end result is less important to me than learning and practicing new techniques  I also find the process of knitting relaxing.   That being said, I follow an old pattern which after reviewing some others on the web, looks fairly standard with a few of my own modifications.  The finished sock is very stretchy and forgiving so unless you have a particularly wide or narrow foot you shouldn't have any problem with size.  My finished sock fits my size 9 foot a little loosely around and is snug length wise.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:
4- Size 2 double point knitting needles
1- Tapestry Needle
Yarn of choice, I used Patons Stretch socks yarn which is a light weight, super fine yarn. (It came in a 50 gram ball which is enough for the pair).

My choice of yarn was one of those decisions that was made as I was purchasing yarn for another project and saw this yarn on clearance.  I think everyone who knits knows what I am talking about when I say that I couldn't pass it up.  It then sat in my stash for about a year before I decided to make these socks.  

This looks really cute! I always get confused on how to do the heel tho.
The heel is easy once you know how to do short rows. The way I learned was by making round dish cloths like this one <br>http://soaps-n-stuff.com/Round%20Cotton%20Washcloth.pdf

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