Introduction: Light

Used soft : Rhinoceros / Illustrator

Used machine : Laser beam machin

MDF 2.5mm , light bulb , socket , cord , plug

Step 1: Modeling

Used soft : Rhinoceros

save it in "Adobe Illustrator(*.ai)" to open out in Illustrator.

Step 2: Data

Used soft :Illustrator

Step 3: Cut

Used machine:Laser beam machine

Step 4: Assembling

use : Wood glue

Step 5: Lamp Shade --- Installation of the Part ---

1. put a cord in the plug.

2. pass a cord through the lamp shade.

3. put a cord in the socket.

4. screw a light bulb into a socket.

Step 6: Finished


DanL63 made it! (author)2016-12-24

beautiful clean lines. nice design!

yazi33 made it! (author)2016-12-24

This a beautiful and elegant! Very Nicky done!

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