This is what it looks like. If you want me to upload the instructable for this please comment on this. It is also a very easy and cheap 'ible  to make. ;) 
yes absolutely upload this please
Why put it on an instruct able website if no instructables? But dodgy maate.. But anyhow put that sheizen up asap!!
Ahaha I deleted the instruct able because it was very simple and really didn't need much creative thinking. However, if you really wanted to know how it's made- it's just a standard bedside table with a tempered glass top, I lifted up the glass top and placed a 12v blue LED strip underneath. I will try to make an instructable when I have the time. :)
waiting me too
Thanks it's awesome!
Pls make an Instructable its awesome :D
go ahead on it.
Yep, waiting for Instructable :)
You should make then instructable!

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