Hello, internet friends! With the holidays soon approaching (and funds lower than ever) I thought I might show you guys how to make a lighted tree 6 pointed star tree topper for no more than $10!!!


oh, you're not ready?

okay I'll wait...


Things you will need:
-cardstock/thick paper
-a printer
-an exacto knife 
-wax paper
-metallic gold paint
-wood glue
-a doorstop
-strand of white Christmas lights (LED preferred, and for simplicity try to avoid having more than 20 lights on your strand)
-classy christmas/holiday music
-funny hats (optional)

Step 1: Templates

Print out the templates I have provided below onto card stock or thick paper.

Cut out along the lines and use an exact-o knife to cut out the inside shapes. (You can skip this step if you'd like a star that doesn't light up) 
<p>Thanks for the beautiful craft. I was looking for a plain white northstar but this is pretty and well-designed! Just a suggestion-for crafters who have leftovers a heavy-grade craft jewelry wire or florists' wire or even scrap wire from the hardware store will work to attach the star, but for sheer ease, the doorstop wire is genius!</p><p>I like this star sooo much.</p>
Thanks for this lovey star. I might try the silicone baking paper sheet instead of waxed paper. After all, it is opaque and designed to take a lot of heat. The templates are great.
It's gorgeous! Thank you for including the templates. :D

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