Picture of Lighted Jellyfish
The following instructable details the process of building a lighted fabric jellyfish.  While we created these as a part of an automata aquarium, it may be useful in your other projects as well.  
These jellyfish were controlled by a small arduiono using the example blinking method found on the  arduino examples website.  

   -Slightly Sheer Fabric
       about 1/4 yard
   -Thread to Match the Fabric
   -Quilters Batting (any kind)
   -Pony Beads
   -Electrical Wire
   -Several LEDs
   -Power Source
   -Arduiono (optional)

   -Sewing Machine (or needle to hand sew)
   -Pinking Shears
   -Fabric Chalk
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Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
You will have to cut out three different circles, two out of the fabric and one from the quilters batting.  All of the measurements can be adjusted as long as the size ratio is kept.

Use the pinking shears to cut all of the circles, especially the fabric to prevent fraying.

Cut the first circle from the fabric with a 5 inch diameter.  The next two circles, one from fabric and the other from batting with a 4 inch diameter.

Step 2: Pinning

Picture of Pinning
Align the three circles into a sandwich with the batting in the center, the large circle on bottom, and the small fabric circle on top.

This is a bit tricky, fold the edges of the first circle under, like making a hem, consider this to be the new edge of the large circle.  Now  fold the edge of the outer circle over the smaller circles, making an enclosed sandwich.  Pin the overlapping edge folds in the second step so that they will stay in place while sewing.

Now there is one more thing to pin. Take eight pieces of ribbon and place them equally along the jellyfish edges.  Pin the ribbon tentacles in place without turning the circles over.