Step 5: Final Touches...

Seam one end.

Seam the length of the scarf.

Turn the entire scarf inside out.

You can serge to finish the open end or tuck in the raw edges and do a straight seam.

Insert the bicycle flasher and clip in place.

Go pink. Live strong. Hope.
I LOVE this pattern SO much, you just don't know! I have lost several family members and friends. I would LOVE to make one of these- but it will not let me download it. Am I missing something? Please let me know, so I can get to working on this while I am out of school- college- medical reasons- LONG STORY!! Thanks for your help! <br>June
There really is no pattern. The ribbon is just a freehand sketch made to fit with whatever width your scarf will turn out. I think you can google images of &quot;pink ribbon&quot; and print them out and resized to fit if you really need a template. Good luck.

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