Step 2: Choose and Edit Picture

Picture of Choose and Edit Picture
After searching around for a while I found this image on Deviant Art, made by toadking07. Choose the warning sign you want and crop it out from the rest of the icons. Once isolated you need to flip the image horizontally to make the painted image turn out the right direction. After it has been flipped scale the image to the desired size. If you expand the image to the point where it becomes pixelated don't worry it wont matter. Once you have your image the size you want it print it out on the sticker paper.
Atlas983 years ago
4lifenerdfighter, that means that the water in that test chamber is NOT safe to drink.
Not related to this but... What is the thing on the second row, to the left of the cake? Is it warning you about the radioactive drinking fountain? Anyone know?
mrmerino3 years ago
I'm going to build... ALL OF THEM!