Convert a standard Dacor Style wall switch into a lighted switch.

I know that this is a hack which allows a LED to run in half wave rectification and light up a standard wall switch. There is a small amount of voltage and current always running in the circuit unless the load is burned out.

Check with local regulations before using this switch. Since this is not CE certified it may present a safety concern. I have had no problems but I assume responsibility in my own home. Play safe and have fun.

You can choose to light one side of the paddle or both.

Step 1: You Will Need

A Dacor style switch
6.2 KOhm Resistor 3Watt
A diode 1N4007 works nicely.
A couple of LEDs. Unfortunately I used Blue.
Some wire
I am wondering why you when to all the work with the LEDs when neon bulbs have been used for this purpose for quite some time... and since you said you would prefer red or amber - which neon is prefect for! <br>Personally I would love it! I imagine one of those RGB color-cycling LEDs in it! <br>Or better yet! Use a micro-controller and then you could get some nice effects... you could even have it wired to a PIR sensor! You could have it wireless... or even internet/twitter controlled! <br>(Oh dear it seems you have now gotten be exited......)
excellent - all though I found your comment on &quot;unfortunately using a blue LED&quot; amusing. Seems to be a growing number of people with a disdain for blue LED's, including myself. What colour would you have chosen, if given the chance?
I would have used red or amber since they have less of an impact on night vision. <br><br>Blue was my only choice while building this.<br><br>

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