Picture of Lighted oval door decoration
This is a simple door decoration that I made using
A Bicycle inner tube(It had a hole that I covered with hot glue and duct tape)
a dog food bag (Any thing that you can cut into colored strips will work)
duct tape
White Christmas lights

It is simular to a wreath but no branches, fruits, pine cones ect
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Step 1: Strips

Cut out strips(roughly 2 in. ) from what ever material you are using. Or you could use duct tape.
Duct tape them together so that you have one long strip.
You need to do this twice( one green and one white.)

Step 2: Wrap the inner tube

Picture of Wrap the inner tube
Duct tape one end of the green to the tube and wrap it around duct tape the other end . If you are using duct tape for the strips just wrap it around. Now do the white.

Step 3: Lights.

Wrap the string of lights around the tube.

Step 4: Bow

Picture of Bow
Follow the pictures to make the bow. Wrap wire to tube.
zomfibame6 years ago
hummm interesting, kinda' odd, but in a good way. I like it. it's funky.