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hello, this is very easy to make and is slot of fun. and it's safer than you think. to make this cool lighter gun you will need BBQ lighter and travel size shampoo bottle.

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

To see video tutorial with step by step instructions, as well as see this powerful be gun in ACTION, I suggest you to watch video first.


Step 2:

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Take apart BBQ lighter and get wires and gas pipe out. keep the tube, it will be a barrel later. now make a hole at the top of the lighter like shown, to be able to get wires out and put lighter back together. Once again I suggest you to watch video to see what I'm talking about. Also secure these to wires closely one to another but not too close, this is gonna be your egnition.

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Now take your bottle and poke a hole at the bottom big enough to be able to fit wires and gas pipe in. then attach bottle to the top of your lighter like shown. I used some clear tape since it doesn't have to be too strongly attached. then put wires and pipe into a hole and seal this hole with hot glue.

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Now take a cork and poke a hole in it. big enough to fit that netal tube from lighter. also I cut off a piece of that tube to have it perfectly straight inside and out. then put this barrel though a hole. and seal it with hot glue. and it's ready. to load it just place a bb pallet ,or a berry like I did, into a barrel and screw it onto a bottle. then Pres trigger a little bit, but don't click it. hold it for 5 seconds and aim and press trigger all the way till it clicks. BOOM gas explodes inside of the bottle and pallet shoots with incredible force.

hope you like this instructable, if you did you might like my YouTube channel DIY ZE. I upload every week new video of a project like this.


Commentator (author)2016-07-17

This is so stupid and dangerous!

LegoBoy10 (author)Commentator2016-12-06

it may be dangerous but over all is cool

I think that redesigning an object to change its function is not stupid at all.

Regarding safety, as the whole gas valve and ignition system is kept and secure in the original housing, I do not see how it can be much more dangerous than the initial lighter, the quantity of uncompressed gas is really small in the bottle and the design prevent a too high pressure or shot

flaming fox (author)2016-09-14


555jackman made it! (author)2016-07-28

It was cool

PlaidPete (author)2016-07-17


computer freak3 (author)2016-07-17

this is great im gonna have to make one thank you for sharing

guillaume.sala.5 (author)2016-07-17

Cool and creative object!

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