Lighter USB Flash Drive





Introduction: Lighter USB Flash Drive

a fun half hour project that give a pleasing result.

you'll need:

An empty lighter (I used bic mini as I had a thumbdrive for this)

A large nail (brute force is needed at times)

A saw (hacksaw's good)

a dremel or sanding block etc (smoothing edges)

Step 1: Knock the Ends Off

First take your saw and cut just on the line of the join between the body and the whit end cap, one this is cut off you may need pliers to pull bits of it out. Once the bottoms off you need a screwdriver or anything slim but strong enough the shove into the cavity and break the plastic bits of the inside off (creates more room)

After this pry off the metal part of the top and you'll see that the flint wheel is held between 2 plastic legs, push these apart to pop the wheel off and expose the flint tube, a spring and little stone like cylinder should have fallen out. Now take your nail and slide it all the way into the tube. Hit the nail with a hard blunt object, a hammer's good but not necessary. Shake out all the plastic that's now broken off.

Step 2: Insert the Usb Part

You'll need to take you drives cover off and then use half of it as the circuit holder (called recycling, not to mention common sense) now using a knife whittle away parts of the end of your holder while intermittently checking how well it fits, it should be quit tight and not easy to pull out, however it should fit int all the all until circuit are covered completely.

I used a 2GB datatraveller

I know it's a quick and dirty case mod but it looks cool and should take 15 mins to half an hour.

Make sure your lighter is empty as there is no way I'm claiming liability for someone that dumb...



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    just check my foto library

    i dont know how to add photo's to the comment

    i made one just like it then i put an icon on the drive so when i connect it to the computer it comes up like this

    My School Wont Allow Flash Drives, They Saw Mine And Said No No No Im Taking It Mine Now, Could Contain A Virus NOPE! But My Tech Teacher Said Its Ok In His Class :P

    Why do you capitalise the start of every word?

    The high school I went to had a similar policy, though, the teachers let you get away with it, but if the principal or vice principals caught lost your drive for the day...

    You think thats ridiculous??? My school removed all the USB ports from the computers !!!!!!

    Agreed Lol. I Only Used It To Play Games :( (Im Allowed To Play Games :P) But Oh Well..