Lighthouse - Aquarium Decoration





Introduction: Lighthouse - Aquarium Decoration

If you want original decoration for your aquarium made of yourself, then this is your instructable.

Step 1: What Will You Need to Make Mini Bricks?

  • gule for wood (C-200)

  • caliper

  • hacksaw

  • clay

  • file

  • pencil

  • wooden

  • slats

Step 2: How to Make a Form and Mini Bricks?

  1. Measure wooden slats.
  2. Brush the edges of the slats with wood glue.

  3. Tighten the slats with clamps.

  4. Allow to dry well, remove the clamps graduated form.

  5. Use a hacksaw to make partial cuts.

  6. Fill the form with clay.

  7. Use a knife to cut the clay into the form.

  8. Wait for the bricks to dry and remove them.

  9. Use the file to refine the bricks.

Step 3: How to Build a Decoration Lighthouse?

  1. Dip an ear stick into the clay with water and brush the brick.
  2. Connect the bricks to each other in row.

Step 4: Pattern and Last Details.

  1. Мake a circular plate placed it on top, drill it and put the bricks for decoration.
  2. Make a pattern through the paint and varnished.
  3. Cut and calibrated plexiglas.
  4. Connect plexiglas pieces with hot silicone.
  5. Маке the roof, paint it and varnished.
  6. Connect the roof with plexiglas square.
  7. Connect the led with battery and place it in the hole.
  8. Make a battery wateproof with hot silicone.
  9. Make a switch waterproof with hot silicone.
  10. Connect "point 6" to top of lighthouse with hot silicone.
  11. Turn on the switch of led.
  12. Place lighthouse in your aquarium.

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    Nice job, I bet the fish will enjoy the extra light. Thanks for sharing!

    may b first time they swim this close to a light house

    1. Wood wont sink so light house probably not.

    2. Wood glue + aquarium = dead fish.

    3. No insulations seen in ible to make it work in aquarium.

    Dude, see again my project!
    This comment is useless, if you not seen all processes.