Lighthouse Based Off of Lighthouse Lamp



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Introduction: Lighthouse Based Off of Lighthouse Lamp

About: I am a novice cad designer and I own a modified cube 3, modified r1+, and a modified SD4. I design things in tinkercad and fusion 360.

I designed a light house based off of a lamp.

Step 1: Design

  • Used the polygon shape generator with a point
  • Stretched it cut out top copied
  • Cut ones bottom and the others top
  • Designed light with polygon
  • Made top with another one of those shape generators stretched
  • Used a polygon to make platform
  • Another with hole cut in it for guard
  • Added rectangles to guard
  • Created black lines by making a layout, grouping it with a slightly lighthouse shaped hole and aligning with lighthouse

Step 2: Photos

Step 3: Printing

Print with supports



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