Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake





Introduction: Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Here are the steps I took to make this Lightning McQueen cake for a friend.

- I began as 3- 1/4 sheets of chocolate cake. Layered with butter cream icing.

- I found pics of Lightning McQueen on the internet, print them, cut them out and line the cut image with parchment or wax paper... cut it out into the shape also. Pin it with toothpicks on the top of the car first and cut around the picture, then repeat for the sides, front and back. It also help if you have a 3-D toy to view as a model.

- Cut them out and pined them to the cake layers. then cut the cake to match the shape.

- Trim and cut the cake to create the fenders, wheel wells, and spoiler.

- Dirty Ice the cake

- Ice the cake

- Create fondant accents and designs and add them to the cake just a few hrs before delivery.

I am so excited I was able to make my own fondant and I had a project to use it on. Just the details are fondant and the red car is Butter cream. Hope you enjoy.



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    What do you mean by dirty icing the cake?

    This is really cool! You are are great cook!

    Here are some pics. Thanks again!!


    Thank you so much for the instructions! I just made this cake for my son's 3rd birthday. He has been asking for a Lightning McQueen cake and I wasn't sure I would attempt it, but your cake gave me the courage to try. It turned out great and I know he will love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    OH fantastic Kikimurray! I am so glad you created this. Thanks for sharing! Can you upload an image in the comments?

    It is complicated for me. I admire you.

    Absolutely Stunning I am going to try this, do you perhaps hav a template of the cutout you stuck to the side? have to do a car cake for friday

    could i use a boxed cake mix? Or will it be too crumbly?

    Really I am a crafter at heart and I use box mixes... shhh don't tell. LOL! I do add a few slight flavors/ingredients to it to disguise... er... improve the taste. Have fun!