As I get up before my wife and don’t want to disturb her by turning on the lights, selecting clothes from the shelves inside my clothes chest is hit or miss.  Even when the lights are on, it's dark in there.  I used a small LED flashlight, when I hadn’t misplaced it. 

This photo was taken in daylight.

Step 1:

One Christmas I bought a set of White LED Christmas wreath lights powered by three AA batteries.  While removing them after Christmas, it struck me that I could use them to light the top shelf of the clothes chest!  The top front of the 40-inch wide chest has a lip that would conceal the lights.
<p>Thanks for posting this solution. Thinking of doing something similar with LED strip lighting for insides of kitchen ( under sink) cabinets, bathroom (under sink), and, master bedroom ensuite closet only connecting to 120 v. With kitchen / bathroom cabinets i would probably want to connect the magnetic switches on left and right side so that if either door is opened the strip lights would be lit. </p>

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