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Lightning Strike has arrived! A micro knex B&M looper consisting of a loop, a dive loop and a Zero-G roll. That's to the members of SScoasters who helped with this project. Enjoy! :-)



albydesign (author)2014-12-05

Do you have a rough pice count for this? I have to make this!!!! :D

Element Force (author)2012-04-17

Can you post the station for the roller coasters

Tornado96 (author)Element Force2012-04-17

I do a different design every time! :)

Element Force (author)Tornado962012-04-18

so you destroy it?

Tornado96 (author)Element Force2012-04-19

yeah. What's the fun in building teh same thing over and over again?

Element Force (author)Tornado962012-05-30

yeah your right

knexpert#10829476 (author)2012-03-08

This is cool. I like it. I invented a block brake system for this type of coaster. I'll post a video. The coaster cars operate the system not a motor.

block brakes huh? I'm intrigued! :)

KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)2011-06-29

when it goes down the hill it looks like a lightning strike

by the way can you plz make the instructable for the coaster if you do ill subscribe

Tornado96 (author)KnEx FrEaK 12011-06-30

Sure! I'll just rebuild it all again and make an ible... I took ths down half a year ago... :-P

But I'll take that subscription! ;-)

Shaitan666 (author)Tornado962011-12-04

ill sub too if u make the instructions/instructable

KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)Tornado962011-07-08

thx ill subscribe

Tornado96 (author)KnEx FrEaK 12011-07-09


KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)Tornado962011-07-27

nevermind about the instructions because i dont have that many small black rods for the tube supportors so can you make one that doesnt use more than 20 small black rods cause i have barely any black rods and im trying to learn how to make knex rollercoasters.

Tornado96 (author)KnEx FrEaK 12011-07-28

Well if you want to do roller coasters the first thing you'll need is more pieces... For my first custom I used over 100 small black rods...

KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)Tornado962011-08-06

i bought a new coaster 2 days ago and im almost done with my own custom one

Tornado96 (author)KnEx FrEaK 12011-08-06


KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)Tornado962011-08-07

how do you get the coster t keep its speed all the way through the coaster because i have to have 2 uplifts

Tornado96 (author)KnEx FrEaK 12011-08-07

You haave the strengthen the track with a track spine and You need strong supports. I suggest box supports for your first. I'll send you a lin to a good box coaster later on today!

KnEx FrEaK 1 (author)Tornado962011-08-08

ok thanks

you should check out by knex guns they are pretty good.
Im about to post 2 really strong ones.

Shaitan666 (author)2011-11-30

by the station it looks like u combined the two different types of track (the one with the wire inside and the plastic t shaped ones) if so how?

albydesign (author)2011-06-05

Epic Coaster 5*! =D

Tornado96 (author)albydesign2011-06-05


tankthelineman (author)2011-02-27

Awesome coaster :D

Tornado96 (author)tankthelineman2011-02-28


Sorunome (author)2011-02-13

I wish I could watch the vid.......

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2011-02-13

Start a strike!

Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-18

A lightning strike. :-)

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-18


Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-19

:-P Are you going to post Snowdrift here?

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-19

Naaah I don't really think it's worth it. I was kinda dissapointed by it.

Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-20

You were? :-P Was it because of space restrictions?

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-20

No I just didn't really like it.

Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-21

Maybe it needed more snow.

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-21

lol not possible...

Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-22

I meant fake snow, like I saw on another coaster entered in the contest.

Anything is possible. :-)

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-23

I don't have cotton or anything plus it's already taken down as you know.

Shadowman39 (author)Tornado962011-02-23

I know it's down, I'm just saying you could have done that. Next year, maybe? :-)

Tornado96 (author)Shadowman392011-02-25

Maybe. It would be cool

Sorunome (author)Tornado962011-02-22

EVERYTHING is possible, as lang as you have enouth phantasy! :P

Shadowman39 (author)Sorunome2011-02-22

The new text makes smileys without noses look even uglier! :-D

Sorunome (author)Shadowman392011-02-23

nope, the one with! btw, i hate the new design, did you notice that when you look at a pm the reply button is higher than the deleate button?

Shadowman39 (author)Sorunome2011-02-23

I have noticed the changes, and there is a bug where subscriptions don't show up on the You page.

Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2011-02-23

Everything is possible as long as the Stig walks on this earth! :-D

Sorunome (author)Tornado962011-02-23

Unfortionatly i can't register on SSC, it has alwaqsy a ERROR

Sorunome (author)Shadowman392011-02-18

...oh thats the reson why the mail never arrived! :D

Sorunome (author)Tornado962011-02-14


Tornado96 (author)Sorunome2011-02-15


Sorunome (author)Tornado962011-02-15


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