Lightning Strike has arrived! A micro knex B&M looper consisting of a loop, a dive loop and a Zero-G roll. That's to the members of SScoasters who helped with this project. Enjoy! :-)

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albydesign8 months ago
Do you have a rough pice count for this? I have to make this!!!! :D
Can you post the station for the roller coasters
Tornado96 (author)  Element Force3 years ago
I do a different design every time! :)
so you destroy it?
Tornado96 (author)  Element Force3 years ago
yeah. What's the fun in building teh same thing over and over again?
yeah your right
This is cool. I like it. I invented a block brake system for this type of coaster. I'll post a video. The coaster cars operate the system not a motor.
Tornado96 (author)  knexpert#108294763 years ago
block brakes huh? I'm intrigued! :)
when it goes down the hill it looks like a lightning strike

by the way can you plz make the instructable for the coaster if you do ill subscribe
Tornado96 (author)  KnEx FrEaK 14 years ago
Sure! I'll just rebuild it all again and make an ible... I took ths down half a year ago... :-P

But I'll take that subscription! ;-)
ill sub too if u make the instructions/instructable
thx ill subscribe
Tornado96 (author)  KnEx FrEaK 14 years ago
nevermind about the instructions because i dont have that many small black rods for the tube supportors so can you make one that doesnt use more than 20 small black rods cause i have barely any black rods and im trying to learn how to make knex rollercoasters.
Tornado96 (author)  KnEx FrEaK 14 years ago
Well if you want to do roller coasters the first thing you'll need is more pieces... For my first custom I used over 100 small black rods...
i bought a new coaster 2 days ago and im almost done with my own custom one
Tornado96 (author)  KnEx FrEaK 14 years ago
how do you get the coster t keep its speed all the way through the coaster because i have to have 2 uplifts
Tornado96 (author)  KnEx FrEaK 14 years ago
You haave the strengthen the track with a track spine and You need strong supports. I suggest box supports for your first. I'll send you a lin to a good box coaster later on today!
ok thanks
you should check out by knex guns they are pretty good.
Im about to post 2 really strong ones.
Shaitan6663 years ago
by the station it looks like u combined the two different types of track (the one with the wire inside and the plastic t shaped ones) if so how?
albydesign4 years ago
Epic Coaster 5*! =D
Tornado96 (author)  albydesign4 years ago
Awesome coaster :D
Tornado96 (author)  tankthelineman4 years ago
Sorunome4 years ago
I wish I could watch the vid.......
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome4 years ago
Start a strike!
A lightning strike. :-)
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
:-P Are you going to post Snowdrift here?
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Naaah I don't really think it's worth it. I was kinda dissapointed by it.
You were? :-P Was it because of space restrictions?
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
No I just didn't really like it.
Maybe it needed more snow.
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
lol not possible...
I meant fake snow, like I saw on another coaster entered in the contest.

Anything is possible. :-)
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
I don't have cotton or anything plus it's already taken down as you know.
I know it's down, I'm just saying you could have done that. Next year, maybe? :-)
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Maybe. It would be cool
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