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Introduction: Lights Synced to Music

About: I am a Senior in college studying Mechanical Engineering. My interests include woodworking, 3D printing, electronics and building computers
Im building a coffee table that i wanted to have lights that would sync to the music i was playing or the games i would be playing. Did some research and found this was the best way to do (coffee table will be a later instructable).
- 1 x TIP31 NPN Transistor - Radioshack # 276-2017
- 1 x 1/8" Audio Jack - Radioshack # 274-0249
- 1 x Toggle Switch (i used a covered one because i thought it looked cool, but any will work) - Radioshack # 275-601
- Roll of LED lights (or whatever you plan to use for lights) These are the cheapest i found and they included a power supply
- Breadboard

Here is video of them in action

Step 1: Build the Circuit

I built mine really small so i could fit it in the case but you could make it bigger so all the wires arent jammed together.
Cut a piece of breadboard to the size you want to build your circuit on.
You will also need to desolder the 12v end from the LED strip to be able to wire it into your circuit.
Wire two leads onto where you remove the 12v end from

Step 2: Wire Switch and Audio In

I used crimp on connectors so the switch could be taken out if needed but you could solder the wires on directly.
The audio is only wired in from one channel, i used the left channel but you could use the right. I eventually want to have two circuits set up and have different colored lights for each channel.

Step 3: Enclosure

I used the metal from an old floppy drive and just bent it into a little box
Draw out in marker where you want your holes and where you want the box bent at.
I used thinner metal so was able to cut with tin snips.
Drill the holes before you bend it into shape because depending on the thickness you are using it might just bend when you try to drill
You can paint the box now to make it look nice if you want to, i plan on doing this when i build my tv stand.
When you have the box all folded, place the switch and audio jack in there holes
You can then glue the circuit board into the case to have a clean look
I am waiting to glue the circuit board in until i have it mounted where i want it, this way i can drill screws into the top plate



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    1 year ago

    Bro how can I amplify the light , so that i could get bright light in low volume also !
    any extra transistor anything ? what to add ?

    My question is if the audio comes through a headphone jack on the device, how does the device still emit sound?

    1 reply

    you use a headphone splitter, so you can run one to the lights and the other to your speakers

    My question is if the audio comes through a headphone jack on the device, how does the device still emit sound?

    My question is if the audio comes through a headphone jack on the device, how does the device still emit sound?

    My question is if the audio comes through a headphone jack on the device, how does the device still emit sound?

    Hello , i just went to a local electronics store , i asked for TIP 31 Tranzistor , she gave me a equvalent to that . I went home , i did the ciruit , and nothing is happening .... Why ? Do it really needs to be a TIP31 or i can use a equvalent to that . But a TIP31 B or C is working ? Pleaseee answer fast :)

    Would it not be possible/reasonable to connect both left AND right channels to the transistor? That way if you didn't want to do two colors of lights both channels would go through the one?

    1 reply

    Yeah it would be possible, it might just muddy the signal so you not get as clean of light changes.

    there is a blank space and no video is visible , can u please give the link of any site it is uploaded on ?

    I am relatively new to this
    I followed your circuit exactly but nothing happens
    Do u know what my problem might be


    Sorry other comment was not clear. What i was trying to ask was if the leds do not come with a power source like the ones you used would i be able to use a 12v source from something else and still connect it the same way you did here???. Sorry if i was confusing.

    Yes a top view would be good also just wondering if the lights do not come with a power source would i still do it the same way as you did with the adapter??

    hey im new to this whole thing of circuits and just starting out. I have tried out a few instructables and have done well for a beginner. I was wondering if you had a better picture of how everything went together or if you could explain a little better to me.

    1 reply