Introduction: Lightsaber

A quick an easy lightsaber for the kids.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

1 - A mini flashlight ( I got one free with a coupon from Harbor Freight ).
2 - Some electrical tape.
3 - A "Bubble Stick" ( from Walmart $0.68c )
4 - A saw; lighter and knife.

Step 2:

1 - Empty out the bubble liquid. ( I mix it in with our big bottle of bubbles for bubble play time )
2 - Cut off the screw end of the Bubble stick, wash and dry the tube.
3 - Clean off the burrs with a knife then use a lighter to smooth the jagged edges ( just repeatedly flick the flame over the edge and round it inwards with your fingers )

Step 3:

1 - Insert the mini flashlight into the tube ( you can heat up the end of the tube to get it to fit )
2 - Use some electrical tape to hold it in place.

Step 4: Lightsaber.

All done.

An extra add-on is to remove the strap that is on the mini flashlight and replace it with a hair rubber band. ( this is great for spinning it around, as the strap did not last long )

Have fun making one.



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    this would be a good glow stick for haloween

    It's so great, will have to make some from the grandsons.

    How can we make it longer?? So it's life sized. The measurement should equal about 5 feet.