A quick an easy lightsaber for the kids.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

1 - A mini flashlight ( I got one free with a coupon from Harbor Freight ).
2 - Some electrical tape.
3 - A "Bubble Stick" ( from Walmart $0.68c )
4 - A saw; lighter and knife.

Step 2:

1 - Empty out the bubble liquid. ( I mix it in with our big bottle of bubbles for bubble play time )
2 - Cut off the screw end of the Bubble stick, wash and dry the tube.
3 - Clean off the burrs with a knife then use a lighter to smooth the jagged edges ( just repeatedly flick the flame over the edge and round it inwards with your fingers )

Step 3:

1 - Insert the mini flashlight into the tube ( you can heat up the end of the tube to get it to fit )
2 - Use some electrical tape to hold it in place.

Step 4: Lightsaber.

All done.

An extra add-on is to remove the strap that is on the mini flashlight and replace it with a hair rubber band. ( this is great for spinning it around, as the strap did not last long )

Have fun making one.
<p>this would be a good glow stick for haloween </p>
<p>Nice Idea</p>
<p>It's so great, will have to make some from the grandsons.</p>
How can we make it longer?? So it's life sized. The measurement should equal about 5 feet.

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