Introduction: Lightsaber!

Want to build a realistic sfx homemade lightsaber that looks just like the movies?? Now you can!! I've been brain

storming all of these years and finally came up with the right utilities!!

Step 1: You Need

A clear large round plastic guard tube (Cut the guard tube enough so the light can shine through all the way in the camera) you can find at lowes or your local hardware store,

Reflector tape: clear

Step 2: You Need

Any color light fabric you can find a Jo-ann fabrics store or your local fabric store,

Step 3: You Need

A SMALL SPOT LIGHT. I got this one at Lowes Its pretty cool! It's a Lux Pro Led 220 lumens handheld flashlight. But you may get any handheld flashlight that has a spotlight inside it.

Put it all together (It's pretty easy) then turn it on and you have a realistic light saber sfx!!

When you point your camera into the light then it will look just like the movies. Trust me!!



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    i like this idea, but doesn't it look kind of weird in real life? it seems like this could only be used for filming purposes, therefore, i recomend using a series of LEDS along the blade, because that way its more evenly spaced.

    Cool idea. Do you have any more pictures of the process. These are kind of hard to see what you are doing.