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My new project, sith acolyte's set. I've decided to start with lightsaber, so here it is an Instruction about its process

Materials you need:
1) LED (strip)
2) Chrome and PVC tubes
3) just PVC sheet
4) Button, batteries for LEDs
5) Polypropylene tubes
6) Super glue and glue sticks
7) Heater for windows (strip)

Step 1: Handle

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i used a chrome tube for basis, after that i glued different PVC parts for more interesting design. Here everything depends on your imagination

Step 2: Electronics

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I bought a LED strip the colour i need (red) and winded it round with heater for windows (here are photos). So, you need to make for about 3 layers for better effect. After that you need to put this "sausage" into PP-tube. Don't forget about batteries and button [You can use 8 batteries for 1,5v (series connection) or just a battery for 12v]

Step 3: Final Step

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After all the steps you made, you need to glued it together (blade must be in handle for about 100mm for better connection) and paint (i used Montana Black chrome and Black acrylic paint for weathering). So, here it is, if you've got some questions, ask it please, i'll answer with pleasure.

Good luck in craft!


Sebastiandragonmaster (author)2017-07-11

How long did it take to make? Is it a good weekend project?

Can you find the materials at Home Depot or something?

all materials can be found easily, yes. It took me for about one week of every evening work on it

the16thDoctor made it! (author)2017-06-14

i made a slightly altered version with a blade i already had. here it is

EvgenR (author)the16thDoctor2017-06-15

is that also a PP-tube?

CoganL (author)2017-05-09

How do the LEDs shine through the PP pipe? is it transparent?

EvgenR (author)CoganL2017-06-04

Sorry for not answering

it's bright enough to shine through PP-tube

ryanman1717 (author)2016-12-29

How much did this cost you?

EvgenR (author)ryanman17172016-12-30

you won't believe, ≈13$

ryanman1717 (author)EvgenR2016-12-30

Wow, that's a lot better than I would have guessed. Is the blade removable?

EvgenR (author)ryanman17172017-01-10

Unfortunatly, no. Actually, that's my mistake, you can make it removable of you want. You just need to place all the electronics in blade, not in handle as i did

BekesG (author)2017-01-02

Awesome work!

What do you mean by "led strip" ? I couldn't really find it online, only the ones that are flat and in a line. Can you post a picture maybe?

EvgenR (author)BekesG2017-01-10

Thanks a lot!
Sorry, English isn't my native language, maybe this thing has another name

BekesG (author)2017-01-02

Where can you get PP-tubes that are rigid and transparent?

EvgenR (author)BekesG2017-01-10

No, that's not transparent, just a simple tube. And it'll be rigid enough, when you cut it, really. I didn't thought it would be, but it is :D

ErnestM26 (author)2016-12-02

Great project but you dont reall explain with more pics would be awesome. good job

EvgenR (author)ErnestM262016-12-07

Thanks! Yes, you're right, of course. Sorry for it, i just didn't know what to write more..So, this is why I've written "ask questions, if you've got them" ;D

gsoike62 (author)2016-11-30

Good Job!!!!!

tr0lldr0id (author)2016-11-21

this is cool! I made a lightsaber for my mandalorian costume, but it doesn't have a blade and I don't think I posted a photo. I'll try and do that later!

tr0lldr0id (author)tr0lldr0id2016-11-21

at least, if you want. it's not really from this instructable, so your choice.

P.S. sweet glove, man!

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-11-21

Of course, post it, i'm really interested!
Thanks a lot, vod)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-11-22

ok here you go!

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-11-23

You really need to work on accuracy, vod)
Glue doesn't make your model look better, so you should try to use it less. But you're only studying, of course, you can better, you just need more practice and everything will be awesome!)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-11-29

yeah, I know the glue is a little obvious. it always feels like the cardboard is going to peel away though, and I end up sealing all the edges. maybe I just need to build up confidence in hot gle ;D

kylegilbert (author)2016-11-20

Here's the Vader's Vault saber.

EvgenR (author)kylegilbert2016-11-21

wow, perfect saber! How much did it cost, if it's not a secret?

kylegilbert (author)EvgenR2016-11-22

I don't remember for sure. It was expensive. About $300, I believe.

EvgenR (author)kylegilbert2016-11-22

Oh, not cheap.. Thanks for information

kylegilbert (author)2016-11-18

This looks seriously great! I own the metal version from Vader's Vault, and this looks almost identical. Way to go!

EvgenR (author)kylegilbert2016-11-20

Thanks a lot, can you post a photo, please?

EvgenR (author)2016-11-17

Sorry for making so short Instructions, my English skill doesn't allow me to write a lot about different electronic things

Cwren10222 (author)EvgenR2016-11-18

Nice looking sith style saber. Im in the process of designing a jedi style consular saber and will post once complete. Keep up the nice work.

EvgenR (author)Cwren102222016-11-20

Thanks a lot, waiting for your saber, really interested to see it!

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