Lightsaber Made From Pencils That Works!





Introduction: Lightsaber Made From Pencils That Works!

Did you ever want to build your own lightsaber? Well now you can just using a few household materials!

Step 1: Materials

You will need to gather...

1: 4 or more mechanical pencils
2: LED light (finger lights recommend) (This is what makes the lightsaber glow)
3: Ductape
4: Marker (This will be the handle)

Step 2: Getting the Sticks

Take the mechanical pencil and break it apart until you get the clear plastic part only.

Step 3: Now Put Together All the Sticks

Put together all the sticks.

Step 4: How to Make the Lightsaber Glow

Attach the LED light or finger light into the end of the stick and tape it using Ductape. Make sure it's on there good.

Step 5: The Handle

Now get the marker and attach it to the LED light. Make sure you attach it well so it won't wobble as much

Step 6: A Coat!

Coat the marker up with more Ductape for decoration

Step 7: Your Finished!!

Now go and play with your lightsaber in the dark!



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that's a really clever way of making a lightsaber!

Really cool! Thanks for sharing!