Picture of Lightsaber blade effect for free
A while ago I saw a instructable that was for making a lightsaber blade affect for free. The instructable called for a program called LSmaker. I do not know much about the program but I know of a program that can do a more professional job. It's been a while since I have used this method and so this instructable is mostly for me so I can look at it if I forget a step.
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Step 1: Gimp

Picture of Gimp
The program is called Gimp.  It is a Photo Shop like, open source program.  If you do not have this program yet then you can install it for free at http://www.gimp.org/downloads/.  This program can do almost anything that Photo Shop can but it is not as user friendly so you need things like this to show you how to use it.     

Step 2: Get the photo

Picture of Get the photo

My first time making the lightsaber effect I used the pic above. I wanted to use it again for this instructable but I could not find the pic online so I will use my own pic of me holding a lightsaber.

First choose the pic you want to use. Start up Gimp and open the pic within Gimp.

Step 3: Reference point

Picture of Reference point

If your picture has a stick where the blade should be, you can skip this step. But if your pic is like mine and has just the hilt and nothing to tell you where the blade should go, you need to create a reference point so the blade does not look crooked. Take the (insert) tool and make a strait line from the bottom of the handle to the top of where you want the light saber to be. Make sure the line runs straight down the middle of the handle. Next make a white spot by the top of the line. This is going to be the reference point.

zjschafer4 years ago
Thats cool! :D