Picture of Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes
Use this easy step by step instruction on putting the parts together to build your own lightsaber unit. It requires no soldering, gluing or anything other than the following parts and everything is in the plumbing area of Home Depot: Pop-up Basin Drain (1), Drain extension tube with threads and slip nut (1), Slip nut and washer (1), 1 1/4" Disposal gasket (6), 1 1/4" Slip joint washer (6), Faucet hole cover (1).
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Step 1: Lightsaber Head - Blade length adjustment ring

Picture of Lightsaber Head - Blade length adjustment ring
Put aside the drain cap, rods and brackets on the Pop-up basin drain. You can use them for other projects, but you don???t need them here. Slide the washer from the slip nut and washer set onto the pop-up basin drain until it is against the ball valve.

Step 2: Butt and Handle

Picture of Butt and Handle
Unscrew the slip nut from the extension tube, remove and put aside the “wing nut” on the faucet hole cover and insert the faucet hole cover into the threaded end of the extension tube. Replace and tighten the slip nut. You may have to put the faucet hole cover into the slip nut first and then fit it onto the extension tube to make it easier.

Step 3: Preparing Head for Connection to Handle

Picture of Preparing Head for Connection to Handle
Slide two slip joint washers over pop-up basin drain on the long end.and put them about 1-2 inches apart.

Step 4: Adding the grip on the handle

Picture of Adding the grip on the handle
Alternating, slide a disposal gasket over the non-threaded end of the extension tube, then slide a slip joint washer. Repeat this 5 more times. You can very this depending on how much of a grip you want relative to the grooves in the grip. You may need more (more of a black fully covered grip) or less (more chrome showing through if you space them apart.)

Step 5: Connect Handle and Head

Picture of Connect Handle and Head
This is the hardest part. Slide the pop-up basin drain into the extension tube. You’ll need to feed the slip joint washers into the tube because the fit will be tight. After you get the first one in, press down until the next one is lined up and get that fed in. Be careful to work it so the two tubes aren't crooked to each other. Then get over the thing and push…agin be careful, before you push, to make sure all the rubber is inside the tube or the hilt will be crooked. I found that if I worked the last little bit of the second gasket on the opposite side of that which I worked the last part of the first gasket, it ensured a straight line up of the two tubes. Also, if you are using the plastic pop-up drain, be careful not to break it. I was able to put a fair amount of pressure on it though.

Step 6: Optional items

Picture of Optional items
Insert something red into the ball value on the pop-up basin drain and replace the nut as a button, just use the nut as the on/off button or remove it altogether.

Instead of the disposal gaskets, you could wrap the hilt with leather or cord to give it a multi-medium kind of feel. Or just leave it plain chrome.

Also, as pictured, if you have a spare hard drive or CD ROM drive lying around, you can take out the spindle hub and use it as the emitter on the business end of the sabre.

Step 7: The Battle

Picture of The Battle
Unknown to me, my kids had some Adegan/Ilum crystals and inserted them into the blade matrix when I wasn't looking. I was able to snap this image before breaking it up. It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm. (please note: the blades in this image are photoshopped. technology hasn't come that far.)
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RogerD61 month ago
Is there a way to print this out ?
charrison12 made it!2 months ago
thanks for this! it was easy to make as soon as we figured out the exact measurements we needed to pick up! we couldn't find any black grip pieces for the outside, so we used some washers and covered them with black electrical tape. perfect in the pinch for my last minute Star Wars day costume! May the 4th be with you!
LiamBlackrose made it!4 months ago

made a few variations. Thanks for the tutorial. Here are some sample shots.


i didn't get the part where you inserted the blades. could you please tell me/us how did you do it ?thanks in advance

jhollon1 made it!6 months ago
awesome project thanks a ton
victorsvi9 months ago

$33 in 33 minutes? HL3 CONFIRMED!!!

My latest work. Many thanks to you getting me hooked on this!


so you got hocked on making lightsaber hilts cool! I am making one for my costplay outfit for Star Wars 7 I am starting my project a year, four mouths, and 14 days ahead. Wish me luck

can you please explain in detail how you got a light to shine through? because i am thinking of putting a modified flashlight in it, but yours looks so seemless. thanks
jo'toole11 year ago

just finished making one turned out awesome any tips on how to attach a blade though?

jo'toole11 year ago

just finished making this turned out great how would you add a blade to it though...

jo'toole11 year ago

used leather to wrap a handle but ended up working great... thanks


got some of this done but still getting parts

also where the heck am i to find the parts for the grip i've went to lowes and they don't have those parts is there a way to make ur grips from other types of rubber stoppers or something else

so i gotta ask this could u tell us each name of the part so we dont get wrong sizes or the wrong parts? it be much apreceated i want to have one on my backpack for the rest of my life trying to get my brother to make his out of plastic tubing for sinks and stuff

Bennions894 years ago
I always wondered what would happen it you dropped a light saber blade down what would happen? Would it go thru The Earth? (love the pic by the way!)
Nothing, sabers are designed to deactivate if dropped. :) You have to use the Force to keep the blade engaged if you plan to throw it.

Some sabers have pressure sensors to turn off the blade while not held.

how did you know that?
Long time Star Wars geek. :)
If you want easy reference.... just watch the movies. When a jedi or sith goes down, their saber deactivates before hitting the ground. The arena battle in Revenge of the Sith is a good example of that. In Return, Vader force throws his at Luke in the throne room battle.
The lightsabers only deactivate when dropped if the person that designed it wanted them to do so.
Star wars is amazing!!! Long Live The Geeks!!!
Oh cool if you want to know more check out a book called

Star wars lightsabers a guide of weapons of the force

I have it its reall ycool it has specs of all good lightsabers.
Isnt it awesome but it doesnt have kyle katarns saber
From one geek to another, that's not necessarily true. Some Jedi/Sith built their sabers with dual activation in which they could use the button as a momentary switch (as you suggest), or you could double-click the button to keep the blade on.
If you kept it activated while it was falling the collar around the emitter would keep it from going through the ground.
kinomion1 year ago

what size should the pop-up basin drain and the extension tube be

Thanks for this! I just made my own using similar parts from HD. It can be seen here. I credited you for inspiring me.
DrHoppe2 years ago
Is there any chance you have the part numbers or SKU numbers for the different parts? I was at Home Depot picking up some gaskets for a leaky drain and thought I would pick up the parts for this project but even showing the Home Depot guy the list, we could not find everything.
christinw142 years ago
the technology hasn't come this far yet.
Derek Vigil3 years ago
Where do I put the crystal? I have all the parts but where?
Bas3 years ago
Hello I've read your instructable and found it very helpful. We don't have those parts here so it's quite impossible for me to try it out but I have a very important question. You mentioned that your kids had some Adegan/Ilum crystals. I had to go through that sentence a few times. My question is, how can you have kids when you're a virgin? Mindblowing!
mikeEinsein3 years ago
Duuuuuude, I had this idea YEARS ago............curse you and your uploadable photos

I made one of these in my latest video. You can check it out here:


Thanks for the instructions! Love the site.
ch53 years ago
Sweet build :)

When I was a kid, we rolled the colored plastic sheets used to protect schoolbooks into blades, and taped them on the top of small maglites.
It wasn't solid enough for a "real" battle, but stiff enough to play around.
If we managed the tighteness right on the roll, we could even make the blades "pop up" with a flick of the wrist :)

Asyryx4 years ago
any one know how the 'climbing' effect can be achieved when 'igniting' the blade?
dcael4 years ago
Finished! Thanks for this great piece.

Biggsy4 years ago
Gorramn it, I have just sent a sink to the tip that had a similar plug hole type!... Great work on the I'ble... :D
jimjam417 years ago
Thanks for the Instructable. Here is mine, I used two assemblies toget the two rings near the emitter,gorillatape and aluminum tape for the grip. It also has a laser inside it. Jim
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