Step 2: Butt and Handle

Picture of Butt and Handle
Unscrew the slip nut from the extension tube, remove and put aside the “wing nut” on the faucet hole cover and insert the faucet hole cover into the threaded end of the extension tube. Replace and tighten the slip nut. You may have to put the faucet hole cover into the slip nut first and then fit it onto the extension tube to make it easier.
theman887 years ago
I made the same mistake LOL
psuddeth8 years ago
Make sure that the extension tube you get is the next size up from the pop-up drain pipe. The extension I got at first was the right size (plumbing-wise) for the drain. Most of it was the same diameter as the drain pipe, with the threaded end expanded to receive the drain pipe. For this project, the extension will be put on the other way (not the way a plumber would do it).