This lighted tree decoration is something I made up on a Sunday morning.
It uses ~1/16 plexiglass/acrylic both clear and black 6 LED's and 2 AAA batteries.

My son had gotten some pictures to color from a local kids event.

I thought I could color in the picture a little differently.

I imported a picture of the picture into Corel Draw.

From there it was converted to line art and incorporated into the frame layout.
The LED's fit in the comb like areas.

After engraving and cutting the pieces out on a laser cutter they were assembled.

The LED's were inserted and the leads threaded through the holes.
The leads were folded over and soldered together in parallel.
Battery terminals were fashioned out of wire and soldered to the LED's

A couple of zip ties to hold it all together and install the batteries.

You can see from the side photos the clear separation of the color layers.

This effect is called light piping and is used in all kind of electronics display.
That is an awesome way to make a Christmas tree!
Thank you. My co-workers felt the same way too.
<p>What a lovely Christmas tree light .One of the most magical things about the holiday season is driving through neighborhoods to see the glittering Christmas light on display against the night sky.But few tips one should consider when picking out the Christmas tree and also consider some of safety tips to have a fun filled safe holiday.Proper extension cables are essential if you are going to be putting lights up on your roof.That means making sure you have got the right length,but also making sure you have got weather cabling.Thanks for nice instructions. </p>
<p>Thanks for superb ideas for making Christmas tree in a very simple way.I liked your instruction and tips that are very useful and effectual for Christmas Decoration.But this Christmas,take these tips into consideration when picking out your perfect Christmas tree and also consider some of the safety tips to have a fun filled,safe holiday.Having a buddy to get the light straightened out and use the staple gun can be very helpful too,even if you are practically a professional handyman. </p>

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