Picture of Lightweight Down Camping Quilt
     In this instructable you will learn how to make a lightweight down camping quilt. There are many ways to go about it. This is just how I did mine. It is recommended to use these steps more as “guidelines” rather than instructions as I encourage you to modify to your likings. This design is based on some quilts that I found on other websites.
     This is also my first quilt that I have put together as well as my first instructable. I apologize if it is not the best. Feel free to send me any design mods that you make to your own quilts. Suggestions on where to obtain materials will be provided throughout the instructable. Good Luck and have fun.
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Step 1: Materials Needed


- 5 yards of ripstop nylon. (can usually be obtained from your local fabric store.)
    - 2 1/2 yards of each color
- 2 yards of no-see-um mesh. (I used lightweight drapery fabric from my local fabric store.)
- Down. You will need anywhere from 9 to 14 ounces (rip apart a 100% down quilt or pillow, or buy in bulk from downlite.com)
- Sharp Scissors or a Hot Knife
- Masking tape
- Yard Stick and Measuring Tape
- Metallic Marker (shows up great on dark fabric)
- Sewing Machine
- Paracord and Cord lock

Step 2: Design Layout and Cutting

Picture of Design Layout and Cutting
I suggest that you first draw out possible quilt shapes and patterns on paper beforehand. Spread out the fabric on your floor. Measure and mark your dimensions. Remember to be creative. Using masking tape mark the outline of your quilt. Mark and draw the lines where you will be pacing your baffles. Baffles are the "tunnels" in the quilt that will hold the down and keep it from shifting. My baffles were placed 7 inches apart. The length of the quilt is 70 inches which gives me 10 baffles. Once all of the marking is done, cut out the pattern.
cubemonkey3 years ago
Why does this have no comments? I've actually been looking for an 'ible like this. Thanks for this.
Rycr023 (author)  cubemonkey3 years ago
Sorry for the sub-par instructable. It was my first. Hope you can decipher the instructions well enough to make your own.
AlexW89 Rycr0232 years ago
Hey. i want to make one. but how small does it compress to?
Rycr023 (author)  AlexW892 years ago
Mine compresses into a stuff sack that is about 10" tall by 7" wide. It is actually very small.
suzyqhoo3 years ago
Thanks for posting this!