Picture of Lightweight Ipod In Bed
Based one Jollexs Ipod In Bed, I have made this lightweight one that uses less pieces, and can have either an Ipod classic or Ipod touch without changing anything.

Step 1: Sides

Picture of Sides
This is the first part oft he sides. Build 2. Thes are the same as in Jollexs .
zchan11205 years ago
Cool. I built it.
Bartboy (author) 6 years ago
I guess nobody built it?
anaconda6 years ago
i made my own and it looks like this. except mine holds the DS and soda........LAZY!!!!! :D
Bartboy (author)  anaconda6 years ago
lol, my current one is massive.
i know, i just saw your pics on jollex's one
Bartboy (author) 7 years ago
Anyone build yet?
The Jamalam7 years ago
I think you may need to take bigger pictures, but i can make out that it looks quite good tho.
cool, but you need better pics!