When I went to the Maker Faire Hannover last august, I met Herman Kopinga who showed me his like-jar and I love it. Half a month later, I needed a project, for our booth at the Maker Faire Kerkrade and Groningen, that would allow the visitors to interact with it. The only restrictions where that I only had 2 days to build it and that I only had the parts that where lying around on my workbench. At that moment I remembered the like-jar and came up with its bigger brother: the like-box.

I dug through all my parts bins and found everything to make a working like-box ( Yay!). Some things could have been done in an easier way if I had the time to source parts somewhere. But I had only these parts, so this is the result.

Lots of people have asked me how it works and how it connects to the internet. Well, it doesn't connect to anything. It is basically a button connected to a display that shows how many people pressed the button. It's no more or no less pointless as the like buttons on facebook :)

Step 1: The 7 segment display.

I found my 7 segment display in a junkshop around the corner. They had a whole bunch of 'broken' displays that where originally used in slot machines and I bought about 6 of them for €5. Once home, I discoverd that they weren't broken at all, but they had a manufacturing error: the vcc and GND pads were soldered together in one place. So by separating these pad I had a nice bunch of displays to play with.

The four digit display that I used was rated for 15V. But I wanted it to run on a lower voltage, because that was more convenient to me. So I desoldered the onboard resistors and swapped them for 10Ohm resistors. This lowered the voltage to 9V. Still to high to drive it directly with a microcontroller, but now I could at least power it with a power supply that I had lying around.

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